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Self Introduction

Hi, My name is Michelle-Nichola Cockburn, holder of a BSc in Behavioral Science. I am also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Wo.Men to Wo.Men Services. I am a Motivational Speaker and Certified Life Coach, who works wholeheartedly with both Men and Women developing them to their full potential regarding their Self-Esteem, Self Worth, Relationship Etiquette, Purposeful living and Customer Service Interface.

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“Coach Michelle showed up in my life at a time when I a wife, mom Dress maker busy night and day caring and working jobs after jobs ….feeling so burnt out and sorry for myself… positive words each morning and positive self care first got me to prioritize and slow done and look with in love God love me …..on a path of self healing ….real talk of letting go what is holding me back now my mood and attitude is on a great path thanks Coach Michelle ….prayers for your continued success”. – Lamaria.

“I was in a dark spot, but by speaking with Michelle, she provided great help for me to overcome my hurdle. Michelle certainly is a great listener and a great advisor. I will recommend her to anyone in the blink of an eye”. – Antonio Prescott.

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The image below was taken on Graduation day at a Life Skills Program which I conducted for the Child Welfare League, held at Tunapuna Trinidad and Tobago. I am a dedicated member of this Group

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You are Welcomed to reach out at your earliest convenience regarding my Coaching Services or to book an appointment for me to deliver a Motivational Speech which will be tailored to your particular audience, positively affecting the minds of the listening audience.

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“Don’t let Fear overwhelm you. Give your Fears to God and let it go”

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