How to improve your Communication and Relationship Skills

Have you ever been to a function in a room full of strangers and found yourself lost for words? Have you ever being in a relationship and found yourself unable to express yourself? The art of introducing yourself to others and creating small talk may come natural for some, but most people confess to feelingContinue reading “How to improve your Communication and Relationship Skills”

Self Esteem

4 Simple Steps To Conquer Self Esteem You can win the battle over self esteem with these 4 simple ways… Affirmations Affirmations are simply positive things that you say out loud to yourself every day. This can be very difficult at times because you may not actually believe what you are saying. So why wouldContinue reading “Self Esteem”

Motivational tip for the Soul.

When self-talk chides you for not reaching your goal, rebuke it! Remind yourself that your top priority now is to keep making progress and experience the process to its fullest. I procrastinated and  doubted myself for many years, that one day I would have my own website and touch the lives of many. Here IContinue reading “Motivational tip for the Soul.”

Pivot, Don’t Quit.

Sometimes the odds are against you and you feel like quitting. Those moments are the times when we pivot. I felt like quitting on my purposeful journey and today I am a certified Life Coach. It is always good to challenge yourself! What are you pushing through to accomplish your purpose? 2020 was a challengingContinue reading “Pivot, Don’t Quit.”

Inspire with Passion.

Michele Ruiz said: “If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you cannot hear them anymore”. What are you doing today to motivate you on your continued Journey of fulfilling your life purpose or passion? Here are three things you can do: Create a positive environment, whether it is listeningContinue reading “Inspire with Passion.”