4 Ways to Combat fear.

Fear gets to the best of us. Whether it is fear of failure, fear of success or even fear of fear.
All of us have experienced fear at some point in our lives; and it can be a real stumbling block that holds us back from being truly successful.
You see, I know of this too well. As a child and even into my teenaged years in high school, I found myself just being afraid to fail at everything I attempted to do. 
I eventually embarked on a journey of deep introspection, which helped me to identify the cause of my fear.
One of the things we must try to do is face the elephant in the room head on; fear CANNOT hold you back forever, if you don’t let it.
There are several ways to overcome fear, here are my top 4:

✅ Separate Reality From Perception
Ask yourself what is really going on. Locate the facts and place them over your feelings.
✅ Identify The Trigger/s
Figure out, what it is in a situation, that triggers you. Learning to Identify it will help you to combat it.
✅ Know Where Fear Lives In Your Body
Alot of times fear takes over physically. It affects different people in different ways. Identify if/how it affects your physical body. Example: if you hold stress in your back, you can learn stretches, us foam rollers etc to avoid the pain.
✅ Practice Gratitude
Everyday list 1-3 things you are thankful for. It does not matter how big or small it is, gratitude helps shift the mind into a positive mindset, which overtime, overcomes fear.
Can you Identify where your fear is coming from?
Share your thoughts, I would love to hear from you.
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Published by Michelle Cockburn - Motivational Speaker

Wo.Men to Wo.Men Services reaches out to both Men and Women. We offer workshops on: Self Esteem and Self-Worth; Fear and its Impact on Self; Relationship Etiquette; Purposeful living and Customer Service Interface.

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