When life give you lemons, you should make lemonade 


I have heard this saying time and time again; it is truly a profound statement,  especially when faced with adversity or misfortune.

You see many a times we ask ourselves: Why me?; Why did this happen to me?; Why did I lose my job? Instead of asking these negative questions  we can flip the script and ask positively: What lessons am I to take away from this situation?

Once you have mastered the art of flipping the script, every adversity becomes easier. Yes, we are humans and there will be days  your mind will drift back to the negative situation, but you must take control and adjust your mindset. 

When I was told that my position at a company I work for was made redundant, from a business strategy perspective and not from my performance, I became angry and upset. I looked at the years of hardwork and dedication, the days I neglected my family for the company and my thoughts went on and on.

But, despite those feelings, I flipped the script and I started to trust the process because the Bible tells us in Luke 17:6, 

‘if ye have faith as a grain of a mustard seed, ye might say unto this sycamine tree, be thou plucked up by the root and be thou planted in the sea; and it shall obey you.’

What that tells us is that once we have faith anything is possible! So trusting the process is very important.

So as I began to flip the script I asked myself these questions: What are my goals for 2022?; How can I use this experience to help someone in need through their journey? Sure enough I got all the answers my heart desired.

In everyday life we will experience adversity.  It is our approach to adversity that can either make us or break us.

Take time to analyze any negative situation; look for the positives in it. Once you begin to practice this process, you will realize that for every negative situation, there is a positive takeaway. Use your down time to plan, revitalize yourself and refocus on your next journey.

So when life give you lemons, ask it for  sugar, water, crushed ice and a bit of bitters.

Turn each adversity into something positive and desirable.

If you are going through any negative situation and desirable of getting support, reach out to me via email: wo.mentowo.menservices@gmail.com to schedule an appointment; I will be more than happy to share a few coping techniques.

Published by Michelle Cockburn - Motivational Speaker

Wo.Men to Wo.Men Services reaches out to both Men and Women. We offer workshops on: Self Esteem and Self-Worth; Fear and its Impact on Self; Relationship Etiquette; Purposeful living and Customer Service Interface.

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