Self Esteem

4 Simple Steps To Conquer Self Esteem

You can win the battle over self esteem with these 4 simple ways…

  1. Affirmations

Affirmations are simply positive things that you say out loud to yourself every day. This can be very difficult at times because you may not actually believe what you are saying. So why would you say something to yourself that you don’t believe?

Increased self esteem has to start with you. So, if you are shy and intimidated by people, start to say something like the following: I am NOT shy and I am NOT intimidated by people. I am VERY confident when I get around people.

Repeat this to yourself out loud at least 10 times before you leave your room. When you say this, don’t just mumble it either, say it as many times as necessary until you say it with passion and conviction. You can say these affirmations standing in front of a mirror. The mirror technique helps you to boost your confidence and trick your mind into thinking that you are speaking to someone else. After all, your aim and objective is to build your self esteem.

2. Read to Grow.

Again, increased self esteem starts with you. Read something everyday for at least 30 minutes that will help you increase your self esteem. This can be an article, a book, or even an audio series. The more you learn the more you will grow. The more you grow, the more your self esteem will improve.

3. Take Action Everyday

Do something every day, starting with something small, that directly deals with your low self esteem. For instance, if you can’t talk with people because you feel insecure and inferior, just start off by saying ‘Hi’. As you get more comfortable with this, then start to make small talk. You will begin to feel more confident until one day, you will find that you have overcome low self-esteem in that area.

4. Stop the Negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts are like landmines. As soon as you step out to face your fear, a negative thought comes and tells you that you can’t do it and right there, you believe it and lose that round. Instead, diffuse negative thoughts before they have a chance to break you down.

One way to do this is to get a piece of paper and a pen/pencil or you can use a journal. Draw a line straight down the center of the page. On the left hand side of the page write the words ‘Negative Thought’, on  the right hand side of the page write the words ‘Positive Thought or Affirmation’.

Every time a negative thought comes into your head that tells you that you can’t, you will never succeed, you are a loser, or anything negative, write it down on the left side of the page. On the right side of the page, immediately write a positive thought. 


Negative Thought: I am a Loser

Positive Thought: I am a Conqueror

These four steps will help you increase your self esteem and become the person you really want to be.

Just remember this: you are not going to change over night. It will take some time but as long as you are progressing, you are winning the battle!

Published by Michelle Cockburn - Motivational Speaker

Wo.Men to Wo.Men Services reaches out to both Men and Women. We offer workshops on: Self Esteem and Self-Worth; Fear and its Impact on Self; Relationship Etiquette; Purposeful living and Customer Service Interface.

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